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Additional services

In addition to your flight, you can also order any services of ground handling operations during your travel- starting from airport transfers to entertainment events at your destination and personal requests. This has been made possible thanks to the SKY Plus system, arranged by the Business Aviation Club through its partners –leading luxury individual tourism and corporate travel services companies.

If you require any individual tourism or concierge service, please let us know, and with the help of our partners, we will provide you with the best possible options. We also take orders related to the planning and processing of your entire journey: by working out travel itineraries and events. In cooperation with our partners, we will offer you all kinds of interesting ideas, destinations, routes and events.

In addition to your flight, you can also order:

The Business Aviation Club and its partners - some of the best individual tourism and concierge services companies in the market - are ready to accept your orders and provide you with the most interesting solutions.

Feel free to ask us about additional services by phone, email or in person.

Our staff accept your orders, answer your questions and note any special requests you may have around the clock, processing them immediately.

Please ask for additional services:

Elena Vesniachok

Executive Director of the representative office, the Republic of Belarus

Cell: +375 29 121 27 27